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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Windows7 Hacked

Windows 7 cracks are out. These use the OEM provider's information to authenticate your Windows 7 weather it's through updating your motherboards bios with slip 2.1 information in it or using a loader that makes vista think it's running a OEM bios.

Windows 7 is nice and it's been long overdue after the mud we had to drag ourselves through with XP and Vista but I'm wondering why don't people buy the software they use to support a good company OR help develop other operating systems that are free and open.

I think the answer lies in how people feel ripped off by microsoft. I myself have been victim of the WGA "False Negatives" in two xp copies (one came with my gateway laptop) and even in my one vista ultimate license. I was not going to buy my vista again to make it genuine. I paid for it. So I hacked it instead. It cost me a lot of money and I was going to use it dammit.

I think people are getting cracked copies of Windows 7 because they feel they are victims of losing money in previous operating systems. Those same people I see getting Windows7 illegally are the same people who buy every game they own and had bought previous operating systems. They are not hardened criminals, just victims with no legal recourse.

I use windows for gaming and linux for everything else. One day there will be a sane operating system and a drive towards multiplatform development (ChromOS anyone?). Until then I'll keep using Windows for gaming.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

People are waking up! You are not alone America!

For the first time I've seen a massive amount of people question their government and their party ties. People at work and out on the town are starting to ask each other why the government has such a huge rate of failure and misrepresents what the people want.

This will be a revolution. It will not be a violent one. It will be fought with logic, common sense, and with families coming together in a community to address issues the old way, democratically. I am very proud of those who are brave enough to stand up and say "I'm not a politician but I know I'm not a fool. I don't want to be lied to anymore. I am a intelligent American and I know whats best for my family, not some suit in Washington".

People will come together peacefully. They will do like Dr. King. They will fight with words and honor in civil disobedience. Our forefathers fought a bloody war so we would not need to any time soon.

We all may be created equal under god, but we all equally need to use hard work to become great. No big government can make you great. You can only be great through personal responsibility and honor like our heroes who are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our firefighters who walk into burning buildings with a hundred pounds of gear and pull people out and our men and women in law enforcement.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What have we become?

Congress is passing bills they have not even read. They don't even know what's in them. What have we become?

Do you think our forefathers would put up with that? Every day there's another "emergency" that requires another 1800 page bill and only 10 minutes to read it before a vote.

If we operate like this we will perish.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Register to Vote

If you don't vote then all the problems in America are your fault! I mean it. Lazy majority let minority/special interests win.

We let each party get farther and farther apart just so they can fight without compromise. That's why I'm unaffiliated.

I don't see it as a left and right thing. I see total government control vs anarchy. We are now near total government control, we should be somewhere closer to anarchy on a federal level.

The federal government is there to regulate interstate commerce, as in to make it regular, not as in to totally control it for any reason. The federal government is there to make sure that each state offers each of it's citizens equal rights under the constitution. The federal government can not and should not run private companies, bail out large corporations, or operate outside of the will of the people.

What we see now is two parties, who are both progressive, who want total control. In that sense they are both progressive and both the same. You've elected 8 years of Bush because you were sick of the democrats and now you elect Obama and he's not any better. These parties are not the answer. The answer is to build local community. Be a good neighbor. Be heard not as a crazy nut job but as a sane and rational person. Vote.